Monday, September 13, 2010

Dancing in the Rain!!!

I posted on my facebook the other day that when your heart and mind are right, things come together as they should... Well, the stars must have aligned perfectly for me cause this has been an amazing week for me!

I had just begun to put out feelers for a new place to live as that gypsy wander lust had begun to enfuse my spirit. I had outgrown my current living arrangement and the lessons I needed to learn here had been learned enough that it is time for me to move on.

I've learned that not letting go once the lesson is learned is like driving in reverse with no brakes. Crazy stupid things start happening.... Yeah, can we just say... Car... meet Horse....

So with this in mind, I mention to some friends that I am looking for a place and lo' and behold, they had one! It is right above the store that I am going to be teaching at this fall and selling my products!

It is an awesome apartment and for once, I'm able to get an apartment I WANT rather than having to settle for what I can afford or move into quickly! It is the most amazing feeling to be able to do that. Yes, it will be a bit tight, but nothing I can't handle with better budgeting. It also has a washer dryer combo that will save me money too! No more laundry mat!! YAY

This is an amazing apartment with cathedral ceilings and a bookshelf system that goes all the way to the ceiling. It has one bedroom AND a loft. It does not have a yard or balcony, but that is okay. I haven't used the huge yard I have now and I never sit out on the patio. I'm getting better at keeping indoor plants. My aloe is pretty happy and growing well. My ivy is stable -not really thriving, but still doing pretty well. So I'm hoping to do some indoor plants. Keep some herbs at least.

I'll be using the loft as my creative studio plus room for the kids. Finally have room for all my work! I can't tell you how exciting that is. My current place is not conducive to creativity. I can manage to get done things I have to get done, but it is hard to feel creative.