Life in the ShellyVerse

First things first `;~) I live in the ShellyVerse. Day passes are available upon request. What is the ShellyVerse, you ask? Well, it is a place that is different and not so much different than the universe. They co-exist nicely `;~) I can't really tell you what it is, it is just something you experience!

In the ShellyVerse, time does not exist- there is only the eternal NOW. Everything is happening right now. I live each moment as the jewel that it is.

I do not believe in regrets. Each decision, event, and moment have made this moment possible. I would not change a moment of my life.

I am a jewel with many facets `;~) I thought about creating seperate blogs for each facet of my life, but that is not what the goal of my life is. My goal is to integrate all facets of my life and live them in balance, so here you will see all facets come in to play `;~)

I'm currently a librarian, but I am planning to go back to school to be a sexologist or sex therapist and help those transitioning through life changes, especially those concerning sexual identity.

My greatest passion is belly Dancing. Unfortunately, at this time in my life, I am unable to dance. My life just cannot support the activity now. So, I try to keep my love alive through this blog. One day, I hope to dance again and be more active in the community.

I am a pagan and am happy to be a part of the greatest community I know, Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. I am a first degree Initiate in my coven, Guardians of the Windsword. I do not believe that initiation makes one 'better' than another. To me, initiation is my way of dedicating myself to my path and work.

I create unique jewelry when the inspiration strikes and sell it on occasion. You can see a smattering of my work here. I love creating art and beauty. My goal is to share beauty with those around me. There is something so peaceful and meditative about it. I also create custom incense blends that I do sell. Information about them is available on my facebook page.

I currently have four custom incense blends available.

Home Blessing- a general incense to create peace and harmony in your home.

Harm-Me-Not- a high powered intense protection incense created on the dark moon in the middle of a Thunder and lightening storm. I'm working on some protection kits and will have them up soon!

Bond-Breaker- Got someone or something you just can't let go of? Then this is the incense for you! Remove and get rid of those ties that bind you!

Arise Anew- a powerful rejuvenation/energy incense to clear your chakras and aura. A very Fiery incense!

I have one that is in the works called Brigid's Mantle. I am putting the finishing touches on it and it will be available shortly `;~)