Thursday, March 25, 2010

A New Seed Sprouts

I've come to realize so many things and had so many thoughts thundering like stampeding butterflies through my mind that I don't know where to begin. So this may be more rambly than usual. This is the year where I take care of me, this shall henceforth be known as The Year of Illumination . Last year was the Year of Sorrow. As of today, it has completed it's cycle. I shall mourn no more for what was. And it is fitting that today, I cried out for all that I've lost, all that was, and all that could have been. But ya know, I'm better for having been through it. I do believe that. Gods, I wish it hadn't happened, but it did so eventually you have to pick yourself up. Yeah, it's taken me a good year, but I'm coming around. So this year, I am taking care of what I need. I see a three year plan forming in my head `;~) Maybe it will even happen! hahaha! wouldn't that be fragglicious! So today, while asstard was getting sentenced to 9 years, I went to the doctor's and focused on me and mine. ARG and I both had new patient appointments and I am VERY pleased with the new doctor. She listened to us, I never felt rushed, and did not prescribe any meds. She wants to get bloodwork and see what is going on there and make sure there aren't problems that account for the symptoms/problems. The biggest part for ARG was to see about getting him some meds. He just isn't where he needs to be yet. His depression is better, yet it is deeper. If that makes any sense? The talk therapy alone doesn't seem to be cutting it. So we talked about his depression, his ADHD, his weight and height. I'm so proud that he is 5'6" and 111 lbs!! This may not seem like much to you, but up until about 3 years ago, he was below 5' and under 70 lbs... I have to say, she really really listened to me! I always feel like the doctor's think I'm full of it when I complain about how much pain I am in at times. She thinks that I have rheumatoid arthritis and I have a long list of bloodwork to get done this weekend!


  1. Taking care of oneself should be one's first priority. I've always said that you have to love yourself, and take care of yourself, in order to be good to others. I wish you light, love, and luck.

    BTW, I really enjoyed reading your profile. A librarian, belly dancer, who wants to become a sexologist, that sounds grand!

  2. I agree that should be first priority! Unfortunately, I let myself get lost and am still finding myself. but I am closer than ever`;~)

    Thanks hon `;~)