Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meanwhile, in the ShellyVerse

I'd like to tell you a fabulous story of how busy I have been and how I danced with Elephants and swam with dolphins, but that just isn't how life has been...

oh, wait... I did do those things in my dreams last week `;~) Then of course, I had a dream about Catnip!

I have just been completely tuckered out lately. And this weather has not been helping one itty bitty bit! Could you please make up your mind???

I finally decided what to do with my Bead Soup Necklace, Bambi's Spring Frolick ! I decided to donate it to my tradition for The New Alexandrian Library we are building. It will be available this weekend at Spring Magick in Springfield, PA.

I've decided to join Dancing in a Field of Tansy's Herball Ally 2011 challenge and picked Hyssop as my herb.

I'm very excited about My Herbal Ally. I've been intrigued by Hyssop since Brighid told me to add it to Her incense.

Must get some writing done now.



  1. Merry Meet, Shelly!

    I look forward in visiting your posts on Hyssop for your Herbal Ally 2011 this year -- it's wonderful how Brighid has called out to you; She is also my Patron Celtic Goddess who has been after me for getting my 'Creativity' back in order with my 'Self'.

    I'm working (slowly) on Goldenrod as my Ally, for I am a beginner, self-taught practitioner in Herbalism, and it's taking me a while to get moving on it; so much chaos and excitement in learning about Herbs! Glad to see another working with Dancing in a Field of Tansy's Herbal Challenge;)

    ~Shamanic Winds,

  2. Hi Shelly,

    Look forward to hearing all about Hyssop, My ally is Tansy, however this week I have been inundated with Dandelion dreams, thoughts and badgering. I know absolutely nothing about Hyssop and as it has popped into my head a few times I am very curious to learn.

    I love your header. :-)


  3. MM Shamanic Winds! I am also mostly self taught as well `;~) I look forward to following your adventures with Goldenrod `;~)

  4. Hi Karisma! it is definitely teh time to be thinking of Dandelion right now `;~) I haven't worked with Tansy, but it has always been kind of hanging around.