Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Celtic Love Knot Painting

The last weeks of December found me in creative overdrive! It was so exciting to again feel that flame of creativity flowing through me.

I wanted to create something special for my oldest daughter who had gotten married earlier this year. I wanted some sort of painting to represent their love and their future. I had searched through the internet and the many books I have for ideas.

I finally settled on some sort of Celtic Knotwork. But I couldn't find exactly what I needed until I ran across one of my favorite books, Celtic Devotional: Daily Prayers and Blessings by Caitlin Matthews that had been packed away. I had forgotten what I treasure I found this book! There was a beautiful prayer for love and beside it was this knot design and knew it was perfect!

I can't see all the detail, maybe I'll get a better picture when I visit next time.


  1. I gave it to her for Christmas, she seemed to really like it `;~) Hopefully, she wasn't just being polite. LOL

  2. I bet the love it! I would; it is almost as if you are holding together in your own way. How precious!