Thursday, November 4, 2010

19 Steps and Blog Love

There are 19 steps leading to my new apartment. I immediately thought of the 19 Priestesses of Brighid who keep her flame lit. It makes me smile each time I traverse those steps and I feel as if I am walking through her flame being cleansed and recharged!

I read a lot of magick blogs that totally blow my mind on a regular basis. If I could, I'd read all day long! There is a reason I'm a librarian after all `;~) I love reading! I love books and words and how they play together. I need to stop before I have a nerdgasm...

Anyway, back to the blogs... I love reading how people think and what they do. I love reading how dedicated they are to their readership and their work. I am fascinated by all these things people do that I have never dreamed of doing or had any interest in doing.

I am an information nerd more than anything else, so I love learning about all these things whether I intend to use that knowledge or not. Now, I must clarify that I am not the type of information nerd that cares about the news or reality tv. I rarely pay attention to either... I look for what *I* consider quality information. Very little of what is reported in the news is the real story these days. Everything has a spin on it...

So, one of my favorite blogs is RuneSoup written by Gordon. Sometimes, I swear he is in my head poking around looking for good material because 90% of the time, it is just what I am working on or needing to hear!

I've also noticed that , at least with the blogs I read, there is a pattern of topics. This week, it is Jesus and Christian workings. I do not have any problems or issues with Christianity, it just isn't my cup of tea.

I've let go of my issues a long time ago, so it was very odd to me that when I was flooded with Jesus posts, I got a little squicked about it. It really made me uncomfortable. Just as on facebook this week there has been a flood of christian posts. I'm really surprised that this all squicked me out.

It made me really think. Have I really just been playing lip service and been in denial about my issues? Have I so isolated myself that other ideas disturb and challenge my own beliefs? Just what is it about all of this that squicks me?

Then I wondered is this how others feel when I talk about my religion? I realized that I had isolated myself and didn't allow room for other opinions into my world view. I am ashamed by this... I honestly and devoutly respect all beliefs, so it was quite shocking to see that I had allowed myself to isolate myself so tightly.

Isolation is never a good thing, and I had noticed this trend in myself lately. Now that I know I have done this, I have to do the work to open myself back up.

And I have been doing this work and it is going well. I have moved to a place that is less isolated, I will be teaching dance, I will not be hiding or sleeping away life in hermitage any longer!


  1. I am a Christian. I am also a Wiccan. I am also a Buddhist, Hindu, Agnostic, so on and so forth. We cannot live in the harmony that each one so fervently teaches if we cannot live alongside each other. I want to learn about other people's beliefs and why they do and think the way they do. I want my children to do the same. We are not the same person from the same place with the same way of thinking, loving, and worshipping. If one is uncomfortable to simply read about another persons' love for Jesus Christ, then they should not be surprised when that same person will feel the same about a love for the Goddess. Are we all just "paying lip service" when we talk of acceptance, ie, acceptance if it is *my* way of thinking? Why do we have to be that way?

    I love you and your love of the Goddess. Can you love me and my love of Christ? Can you *really*?


  2. Penny,

    You expressed my sentiments so beautifully `;~) I've been moving for the last four days so have been unable to respond to this.

    I love you and your love for Christ, for your love of zombies, and Texas. I love you for all your wonderfulness.

    What I was attempting to express in my post was that I was shocked and upset with myself that this bothered me. That I didn't understand why it bothered me. That I was becoming someone who couldn't see past her own filters.

    That is not how I want to live life. That is not how I believe, yet I've allowed myself to become so isolated that I hadn't allowed for anything else.

    I hadn't realized that I had gotten so locked up, so to speak. Now that I recognize I've done this, I can do the work that needs to be done.