Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hhhmmmm kay!

So I finally got the results back from the doctor's for my bloodwork... For some reason it was sent to the ex's house??? weird!

No Lyme's Disease
No Lupus
No Rheumatoid Arthritis- I still think I have RA and will have the doc refer me to a rheumatologist.
Glucose within normal limits
Iron was good 11.2 YAY! (should be 12 but I'll take that anyday.. much better than how it used to be and especially since I"m vegetarian)
Cholesterol is bad.... 244! Better than it used be, but still not good.

Saturday, I took my daughter to get her 8th grade graduation dress! Oh my that was fun `;~) I also bought her her very first pair of heels! And... They are purple peep-toe 1.5 inch heels. My baby girl is growing up!!! Her dress is perfect for both her graduation and her sister's wedding. She also had the perfect sweater top to go with the dress. So that is a Double Triple Woot!!! I can't wait to get pictures of her all dressed up!

She also made me a cake for mother's day and it was delicious! Yes, a week late, but she didn't get a chance to make the cake the weekend before.

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