Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This must be weird dream week for me! I usually don't remember my dreams, but for some reason, I remembered my dreams 2 nights in a row... Very Odd... Tuesday night I dreamed that I was Pink's boyfriend! She was practicing for a show or concert at some outside venue. After she was done practicing, she wanted me to help her with geometry homework... Then she started picking at her big toes. Her right big toe was disgusting, split right down the center and just nasty.. I didn't do much of anything other than observe and listen to what she did/said. Kind of like a patsy... Last night I dreamed that I worked in a perfumery. I don't know what I did there, but I was working with a specialist of some kind that worked for a different company. At some point we were having a conversation and as I headed into the ladies room, he followed me in. We continued to talk about benefits and insurance and compare them between our companies. I think he was trying to recruit me for his company. This specialist reminded me of Mathew McConaughy with that kind of charisma and personality.


  1. one of my good pagan friends up here is a fragrance tester at a perfumery.

  2. That is pretty cool. I'm hoping to do more this year w/ my incenses and stuff `;~) Maybe it has to do with that *shrug*